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What about us.. dreaming.

What about us... dreaming

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As a result of the photo project "Do we see it sharp?" About illegal migration and its consequences in the country of the Gambia, Ilse feels the need for development work in The third world countries more than ever. There is poverty. There isn’t work for everyone. To survive, people in Africa are looking for creative solutions. Necessity and needs often also makes innovative. Small entrepreneurs try to make something out of it.

With this project she likes to put these small entrepreneurs in the spotlight.  Their source of energy, the will to grow and their passion for craftsmanship is often limited, limited by knowledge, resources and finances.
With our knowledge, materials and finances we can mean a lot to the people in Africa. We can help them in Africa, where their roots lies and they feel at home within their own culture.

She likes to bring these entrepreneurs in contact with the business community in the Netherlands. By bringing them together in a photo, a diptych, they get a glimpse into each other's life.

The differences, similarities and the shared passion for the same profession will arouse curiosity and interest.

Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands are looking for opportunities for sustainable business. Old materials can be repurposed by the diptych. Sharing knowledge also gives the Dutch entrepreneur insight into his own company. Many SMEs have to deal with a high workload and keep on going. There is often no strategic thought, but always worked hard. Having contact and sharing passion with an entrepreneur from a developing country will help the entrepreneur to look differently at his own company. They will learn to see  things into another perspective, to set priorities and to learn to make conscious choices that matter in life. It will enrich the entrepreneur.

Being personally involved with a good cause gives a lot of satisfaction, a socially important element. The diptych makes it possible to tell the story to the employees and the customers. Passion connects A world in development. Ongoing project.

Photography by Ilse Jutstra

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My identity and origin can be found in these portfolios. In my younger years I loved drawing and painting. The great masters in Dutch painting that we all know as a Rembrand and Vermeer are symbols of our culture. Today they inspire me for my photography and I create timeless portraits.

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Under constructions.
ongoing long-term project will start soon.

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What about us.. dreaming.

i dream to become a docter, 

i dream to be a teacher,

i dream to become a lawyer,

i dream to study in the city,

i dream to get married,

i dream to go to school,

i want to help my parents,

but sometimes dreams come true..

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Toilet secrets of an adolescent

a look behind closed doors of the life of an adolescent
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Everyday life Gambia / documentair

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IMAGE BY ILSE Zwanger & Zo

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IMAGE BY ILSE Liefde & Trouwen

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IMAGE BY ILSE Afscheid/ Uitvaart

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IMAGE BY ILSE Studio portretten

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IMAGE BY ILSE Zakelijk portret

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Image by Ilse label
Image by Ilse